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A Real Canadian Gold Rush Mystery, which happened tp take place in Eastern Manitoba's Lac du Bonnet region.


 A lust for gold, I'm told,

can make a man do some things unimaginable!

Indeed even a normal man, upon picking out his scent...,

... once hungry for wealth, is at risk of developing a fever!

A fever, once caught...,

which will tie them in a knot...,

which will cause them to do things...

... they said the couldn't,


and wouldn't!

The Incarceration of Henry Cover final for Premier Printing.jpg

The Paperback is currently sold out. 

You can pre-order for the next bulk printing (Spring 2023) and get FREE shipping!.

Paperback - $19.95 + tax & shipping

Wood Cover - $79.97 CAD

Birch cover with moose hide binding, available in rawhide or black leather.

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What others think about ‘The Incarceration of Henry Ground Keeper’

“Man, this is one incredible story. It’s part Farley Mowat and part HP Lovecraft. The ending really was my favourite part. I just didn’t see it coming, and I loved how emotionless the interaction was. - That poor man must have been haunted horribly by all of this.”

                                                                   ~ Andrew Scott, Singer Song Writer


Pretty incredible tale. Proof that truth is always stranger than fiction which is certainly stranger than the truth... Both become history..., but in the end, the real facts are what you want them to be.”

                                                                        ~ Gerry Arbez, Wildlife Enthusiast


“The Incarceration of Henry Ground Keeper, is a story with some stranger than fiction facts that were taken to the grave... or were they? An interesting look at our judicial ‘law and order’ system. One which hasn’t seems to have changed much... . I have more to say, but I have to go look for the gold!”

                  ~ Kevin Edwards, Canadian Singer, Song Writer,

                                         and a Genuinely Cool Human Being.


“This tale is a testament to the challenges faced by the youth of every generation. I silently cheered for Henry as he started his adventure, overcoming the obstacles and mastering life’s mayhem. The ending, well, that made the world shift back seven degrees toward starboard. That’s for certain.”

                              ~ Laurie Lynn Campbell, Lac du Bonnet Area Resident


“Sveinson grabbed me and held me. The way he related Ground Keeper’s story, I felt like I was in Lac du Bonnet sitting round a fire listening to an Indigenous master storyteller. I LOVED IT, and I’m not going to stop thinking about it!”

                                                                                                     ~ Matt Epp, Canadian Singer Song Writer


Having known Henry (a very private man), while reading this story I couldn’t help but to see him as he would have told it. Sitting there, leaning forward, making sure that you caught every word. How the expression on his face, his hand motions, together, would implore you to listen, to understand the pain he felt. Given what happened to him, it’s no wonder he was so protective of his family, of his privacy.

                                                                     ~ M. R. M., Lac du Bonnet Resident


“All in, very captivating story. I like how there is constantly the doubt by the narrator and the police in the story. I think it’s very appealing in general but especially for people from Manitoba. We have a bit of a mentality that nothing interesting happens here and this story really breaks that up. The story ends really well for me. Some people will be annoyed at the lack of resolution, but that’s not an issue in my opinion as life doesn’t always fit in a tidy little box.”

                                                     ~ Bradly J. Wohlgemuth, Renegade Pencil.


"I couldn’t put it down, I love the way Sveinson bounced between Henry’s narrative and that of the Police Officer’s. If nothing else this story illustrates how the attitudes of those who police us can have such a profound impact on our lives.” It doesn’t seem to matter, guilty or innocent, once an accusation is made a price will be paid.

                                                                     ~ Shy Lady, Lac du Bonnet resident


“Wow. Fantastic read! A lovingly told story of our protagonist Henry and his desperate bid for survival among a host of challenges. The blurry, near death circumstances of his first experience away from home leads to a very unexpected ending. Bravo!” “Again - A Seriously good read.”

                                ~ Devin Latimer, JUNO Award Recipient, Nathan, and Music Festival Artistic Director

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